Input devices

Building on the past electronics weeks it is now time to make a input device. In this weeks recitation we learned about different commonly used sensors. I’ve played around with phototransistors, distance sensors, hall sensors and PIR-sensors in the past. It was the first time I heard about a step response sensor and I thought… Continue reading Input devices

Molding and casting

My only experience molding and casting are from a long time ago. As a kid I would cast small objects with pre made molds and plaster of paris. I have really been looking forward to finally making my own mold and make something fun. I wasn’t really sure on what to make at the start… Continue reading Molding and casting

Embedded programming

In week 5 we had our first introduction into electronics. We milled, soldered and prepared a ISP (In-System-Programmer that is used to program AVR microcontroller). In week 7 we designed, milled, soldered and prepared our first AVR microcontroller. Week 9 is the week where we bring them together and actually start bringing them to use.… Continue reading Embedded programming

Computer-Controlled Machining

The Shopbot milling machine is a full size CNC milling machine and its superpower is making things as large as furniture (or smaller things). This machines CAM software works in two and a half dimensions (2.5D) meaning you are cutting a part that has multiple flat features at varying depths. The Shopbot CNC machine works… Continue reading Computer-Controlled Machining

Electronics design

This week on the menu, electronics design. This week follows up on week 5, electronics production. It was a fun week that I was really look forward to. Week 5 was my first real experience milling PCBs and soldering PCB components. I liked it and since everything worked quite well inmediatly I felt confident about… Continue reading Electronics design

3D scanning and printing

This week is all about 3D scanning and printing. My feelings about this weeks topic are a bit mixed. A few years ago 3D printing was my first experience with digital fabrication. I bought a old broken 3D printer and fixed it – I printed some plastic stuff from Thingiverse and bravely tried to design for the… Continue reading 3D scanning and printing

Electronics production

This week marks my first serious attempt at electronics production. In the past I helped some people do this on a lasercutter and larger milling machine. Both with moderate succes. After Henks class we kicked of with a group assigment: characterizing the design rules four our PCB production proces. And later this week I made… Continue reading Electronics production

Computer controlled cutting

Goal this week is to cut some things using the lasercutter and vinyl cutter. Together with Heidi. I set on a quest to find the kerf of our laser. The rest of the week I worked on making something on the vinyl cutter and lasercutter.I started on the vinyl cutter, a machine that I am already… Continue reading Computer controlled cutting

Computer aided design

This week it is time to learn some things about computer aided design. Goal? Trying out some new things in 2D and 3D software. 2D For most of my design work in the past I have used Illustrator. The biggest down side for me is that it’s pretty expensive. But the upside is that it’s… Continue reading Computer aided design

Project management

This week is the start of my website. I studied Communication and Multimedia design and therefore you would expect me to be quite comfortable in web design. I worked on front-end development Zuiderlicht.. Since than I have made some customised themes for WordPress. I have to confess it was a few years back and I am… Continue reading Project management