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On this page I describe the process that has led to the final project. The first concept is described in the first week of Fabacademy. The goal is to make a mindfullness tool that exploreres using different faculties than sound to change the mood of the user. A pensieve. The pensieve will look like a… Continue reading Pensieve

Wildcard week

Last year I worked a few nights on building my own electric longboard. I collected several parts and made them all work together. Before life happend I did 2 short test drives on a excisting board with all the components added to it. The only thing still missing was a board (that I wanted to… Continue reading Wildcard week

Lose your marbles pt 2

This week was a pretty nice change from all the (mostly) individual weeks. The majority of the group was pretty excited about doing something ‘useful’ with marbles so the marble calender was born. Neil later baptised our solution as a really hard way to do something very simple. Instead of assigning everyone to everything we… Continue reading Lose your marbles pt 2

Lose your marbles

Week 15 and 17 are quite similar. All group documentation can be found on this page or on the group page. In week 17 I described what my inidividual contribution was for this assignment but first let’s dive into what we made together. What does it do? The machine is a physical representation of the… Continue reading Lose your marbles

Networking & communications

This week is one of the weeks where I had some issues to finish in time. Although I worked on the group assignment the individual part I added later in time. After a great lesson in networking and communications from Emma we worked on a group assignment using serial communication. For my individual part I… Continue reading Networking & communications

Output devices

This week my goal was to finalize week 11 (output devices) and combine it with week 12. Last week I made a GSR (Galvanic Skin Response sensor) and this week I wanted to add an output to this, a aroma vapor and a screen to read data. Last but not least I wanted to give… Continue reading Output devices